THIS COURSE INCLUDES: One Free Year of Mobile Text Alerts
THIS COURSE INCLUDES: One Free Year of Mobile Text Alerts
Double Your Jewelry Sales in 90 Days!
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Do you want repeatable and scalable success in your jewelry business? Do you want to see your sales double? Invest in yourself! The knowledge and skills you'll gain with this 3-Step Success course will prove to be invaluable and lucrative over time.

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If you enroll in our course and don't absolutely love it in 30 days, we will give you a full refund on your purchase. No questions asked.
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What Is This Course Worth?
$997  - The Mindset you need for success
$997 - Business Training
$997 - Recruiting Training
$3,500 - Facebook Group Growth Training
$997 - Bonus # 1: Live Sales Training
$350 - Bonus # 2: 1 Year of Mobile Text Alerts
= $7,838 Value for the incredibly low price of
$397 one-time payment
Course Descriptions
Module 1: Success has to start internally.  You have to know your "why" before you take the next step in your business.  If you don't know your "why", you'll quickly give up when it gets tough.  This module helps you walk through these mental steps to clarify your vision and ignite an entrepreneurial fire inside you!

Module 2: In this module, we'll write a business plan, future goals, and walk you through training on business finances.  We will also talk about focusing on the #1 investment that you can make for your business - and it's not what you might first expect.

Module 3: This module is geared specifically for jewelry consultants.  There is a lot of advice floating out there but this module pulls the most valuable wisdom together so you know what you should be doing every day as a consultant.  We will also discuss how to recruit and increase your revenue through your jewelry distributor's compensation plan.
Module 4: We'll introduce you to the GSR Method (Growth, Sell Reach).  You can't sell lucratively unless you have a large online audience to sell to!  This module will show you the tips and tricks of how to gain an active and abundant following in your Facebook group.

Module 5: Now that you have gathered a large audience, you need to sell effectively to that audience.  This module will show you the best language, equipment, and engaging activities to do during your live sales.  

Module 6: You have an audience and your live sale is ready to go, now you need to bridge the gap and make sure your audience shows up at your live sales.  We will show you our proven method that will help you dramatically increase your attendance at your live sales.
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